6 Things my father taught me

Anyone who knows my father will agree that he is a man of integrity, versatile experience and outright speech.

When I was younger, I used to envy those who had ‘friendly’,’affirmative’ fathers, because my father is a tough nut to crack. There was always an invisible line between us.

I used to wonder, why can’t daddy talk ‘fun-stuff’ like ‘other dads’? But daddy is special, and his parenting is intentional. He never cares about what others do, whether we ‘feel’ good, and what we think about him. His goal has always been to be an above-average father.

Dad taught me to read, write, reason, think. If I can do half of what my father has taught me, I’ll live to life’s fullest potential.

Married for almost 4 years now, and with a little daughter of my own. My life reflects the lessons daddy taught me.After coming out from the safe cocoon of my family, I realize that the world outside is a very different place, had daddy not taught me these life basics, I could never survive.

I’m sharing some of Dad’s quotable quotes!

Give me 5 reasons

As early as 5 or 6 years, we had to give daddy 5 reasons before making any decision. If we can’t, then we haven’t thought about it seriously enough.

This habit is ingrained in my mind, and has made me a less impulsive person.

Be humble but assertive

Daddy taught us not to confuse humility and assertiveness. He would sometimes give us a 500 value note and ask to get change from a shop without purchasing anything.

He used to say, “When you learn to be assertive, you double check that you do everything right. Otherwise, saying sorry will become your habit.

In the search of excellence there is NO finish line!

Daddy taught us dignity of labor, no job is cheap. What mattered is to be the BEST in whatever we do. Daddy would never hesitate to insult half-hearted, incomplete, unprepared, poor quality work. Whether we had to open a parcel, make a cup of coffee, write an article, or explain a concept, we had to do it to the best of our abilities. His favorite tag line, Imitate, Improvise, Let others imitate you

The Strength of a man is the knowledge of his weakness.

Daddy is not the “GOOD JOB! KEEP IT UP” father. To those he loved, he would always critique, and mention the weakness. Because he believed that the strength of a man is the knowledge of his weakness.

It’s okay to lose battles, if you must win the WAR 

I have failed miserably many times. I still fail. When my head is hung low in shame, my otherwise tough father is the BEST motivator. Talking with him for a few minutes gives me all the energy that I need to get back on track. He’d always tell me, “it’s okay to lose battles, you must win the WAR, you must win in LIFE”.

Never ever speak about something you are not sure about. 

I have NEVER heard my father gossip. He talks straight on face, or remains entirely silent.

He has taught me, “If you know something that somebody has shared with you because he trusts you, and time later, he becomes your worst enemy. NEVER use that information against him.

I learned integrity from him.

Live within means.

Daddy would never buy anything on credit, he taught us the importance of saving money. Though, I have enjoyed the best of luxury, but sometimes we were refused toys and games that was a must-have in all our friends’ houses.

Where we lived it was common to throw birthday parties in a restaurant, but we never had one, it always used to be a family affair with home-cooked food or a silent buffet dinner.  Daddy would often explain the value of money against the things bought for. 

Today, I appreciate the beauty of living simple. Thanks to my father, it’s easy to live with a husband who thinks on the same lines.

The Bible says, “Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.[Proverbs 4:1] 

If we need to impart instruction that will add value to the life of our children, we need to live exemplary lives ourselves.

The life and teaching of my father led me to respect and value divine Fatherhood itself. 

Above all, I’m grateful to my dad, for leading me to the Lord, and encouraging my spiritual growth and ministry. 

Happy Father’s day to my Daddy and another budding father Jesudawson Charles. 



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