Why another blog ?

Now, my life, though is still bursting with flavor, I have to admit, that I am no longer what I used to be. My routine priorities, world-views, and personal biases have changed.. 🙂

The themes in my mind are so different these days..it ranges from (in no particular order), cooking, cleaning, parenting, innovative learning, politics, marriage, writing, Christian life, psychology, Christian education, spiritual warfare, productivity tools, women entrepreneurs, Medicine, Indian history, Church life and so much more.

I have for long battled with the idea of a personal blog.  And, now that I spend most of time as a church worker, I was wondering if personal blogging is just my way to combat my self-promotion deprivation. But I hope not so, I just want to use this as a platform to share stories from my life with no specific intention.

My primary work revolves around the house and nurturing my 2 year old daughter. I also help at Philadelphia Fellowship Church, Villivakkam, where my husband serves as associate pastor. I love to read, write, think and teach.

My chief calling is to be a mature disciple of Jesus Christ and a suitable helper to my husband.

Caroline Cynthia

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