Jesudawson Charles


Associate Pastor


About Jesudawson Charles

Jesudawson Charles, was born and brought up in Chennai, he has committed his life to serve God and help every person, regardless of background and economic status, to achieve their fullest potential God has ordained for every person. Jesudawson works side-by-side with his father, Pastor Amos Charles, and takes the life giving message of hope to many families and individuals. God is using him to lead people in to the presence of God through word and worship. His vision is to Shepard every person with love and care.

Jesudawson is an inspiration and motivation to many youngsters and people whom he meets. He is committed to help every believer to discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in Christ.

Jesudawson has received a bachelor degree in theology, at Southern Asia Bible college, Bangalore, a masters degree in Christian studies at Madras university and a Master of Philosophy in religions. He serves in Philadelphia Fellowship Church since 2005

Despite being born in a pastor’s family, Jesudawson walked a different path before he could encounter Christ as his personal God and savior. He believes in building the church by, equipping and strengthening families.  He is passionate about mentoring people with confused priorities and a hopeless future. He and his wife Caroline Cynthia serve together by helping people understand life’s purpose and equip them so that they can connect with God in practical ways. They have two children, Lydia Arpana and Caleb Seeshan.